French courses

The Alliance Française d'Arménie offers training courses adapted to the levels, characteristics and motivations of the people who apply to us, whether they are children, students or professionals.

Alliance française d'Arménie

Non-profit association whose main mission is to promote the French language, French-speaking cultures and cultural diversity.


The Media Library hosts and organises various events and cultural activities every month.


Premiere global network in 132 countries

Exclusive exam centre in Armenia: DELF / DALF / TCF

Quality French courses with the Alliance Française label

A communicative, innovative and interactive pedagogy

About Armenia

Located in the Lesser Caucasus region of Western Asia, Armenia is a country rich in history and culture.


"My family is from Syria, we came to Armenia in 2012. I am studying at the American University of Armenia, in the communication faculty. I have always been interested in languages, especially French. And in communication, knowledge of languages can be an asset: so I started my search for a language centre. Everyone recommended the Alliance Française d'Arménie!

"The French culture, the heritage of the French people and the rich history of this wonderful country that has attracted my attention since my childhood have been the cornerstones of my great love for the French language. So I love the word "French" and also the word "Alliance" which has contributed a lot to my becoming a bit French in my daily life. So I love the "Alliance Française d'Arménie" and thank you very much to it for my "French Love". "

"I was studying in Paris, at ESMOD. I started studying French at Alliance Française d'Arménie a long time ago. I am learning French to better understand the rhythm of life in France. For the brave ones, it is a language to go further."

"I decided to learn French simply because I love the language. It has opened up a new vision of the world for me. In my opinion, knowledge of French is an advantage in professional life. When I was looking for a language centre, the website of the Alliance Française d'Arménie came up first. I learned that the Alliance Française is an international network in accordance with the criteria of the French Ministry of Education and I signed up for the courses.


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