2021-06-18 13:23:50

Armenia, a thousand-year-old country with many riches

Rich in a thousand years of history, fascinating culture and breathtaking landscapes, Armenia is a must-see destination for those who wish to venture off the beaten track.

Admire its landscapes:

- Climb to ancient monasteries nestled in its mountains
- Stroll along the shores of Lake Sevan
- Look up at the majestic silhouette of Ararat
- Appreciate the intricate designs of the mysterious Khatchkars
- Contemplate the view from the Tatev cable car (the longest in the world)

Discover its art and culture:

- Thrill to the beauty of a traditional opera at the Yerevan Opera House
- Playing water games with passers-by during the Vartavar water festival
- Learn at the Museum of Armenian History
- Play a game of chess, the "national sport" of Armenia

Savour its gastronomy:

- Share a dish of homemade Dolmas
- Experience a barbecue-Khorovats
- Have a drink at Yerevan Brandy
- Find oriental and Caucasian influences on your plate

And above all, enjoy the legendary Armenian hospitality along the way!

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