TCF TP (Tout public)

Anyone who needs, for personal, academic or professional reasons, to evaluate and validate their knowledge of French in a reliable and recognised way.

The TCF has been designed to be taken by older teenagers (from 16 years old) and adults. No diploma or preparation is required to take the TCF.
The TCF certificate can be a compulsory document for admission to universities in France and in French-speaking countries.

Since 2007, the TCF certificate is compulsory for candidates wishing to enter the 3rd cycle of studies in Armenia (Aspirantura).

How the tests are conducted:

Listening comprehension
25 minutes
29 items
Mastery of the structures of the language
15 minutes
18 items
Reading comprehension
45 minutes
29 items
Oral expression (optional test)
15 minutes

Exam Date
27 september 2021
20 september 2021, at 12:00
29 october 2021
24 october 2021, at 12:00
16 december 2021
13 december 2021, at 12:00


44 000

To enroll
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