General French courses

The French Alliance of Arménia offersformations adapted of the levels, the caracteristics and moivatios of the people who ask us, that they are childen, students, professionals, officials or people with specific learning objectives. 

The French Alliance of Arménia is a school of excellence for learning French language, it's existe more than 10 years in Arménia. 

Work Organisation 

 Taking account of motivations and work hours of people who seek The French Alliance, The organization offers intensive and extensive courses at different hours. More informations

People with some french language knowledge base, pass a placement test and are placed in the group corresponding to their level. Subscribe to test here

At courses beginning The french Alliance sign an apprenticeship contact with every person in committing to provide all the knowledge and skills of the given level.

Tuition fees are paid before the conclusion of the apprenticeship contract, knowing that the organization provides opportunities for people wishing to pay twice.

When learning, students are systematically evaluated allowing to follow the evolution of their knowledge. At the end of the training students take a final exam and according to the results they receive certificates of achievement or attendance.

A globally recognized educational base

Teaching methods and evaluation system proposed by the French Alliance of Armenia correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for LanguagesCEFR ). In addition, since its creation the organization is actively following the innovations of teaching "French Foreign Language" ( FLE ) and applies them in teaching the language. The communicative and action-oriented approaches allow students to speak from the first lesson.

For the organization of the Course the French Alliance employs the latest methods, textbooks and audiovisual French publishers.

The courses are organized with interactive whiteboards ( TN).

Competent Teachers 

Teachers of the French Alliance of Arménia were recruited for their professional experience and human qualities. They receive vocational training in Armenia, but also in France and in French speaking countries.

All teachers of the French Alliance of Armenia have a high level of skill and are allowed as correctors examiners international DELF / DALF TEF TCF.

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