Courses for children

 Teaching from an early age 

Because the teaching of a foreign language is generally acknowledged as being more natural, easy and efficient for the child from the earliest age, l’Alliance française is now offering classes forchildren between 8 and 16 years, in order to give the best chances of success to your child. 

An internationally recognized basic education 

L’Alliance Française is using all the means in its power to permanently renew itself and offer to its students an education of quality combining the most recent teaching methods with modern technologies. 

Indeed, l’Alliance Française uses through its teaching, the most recent methods, textbooks and audiovisuals published by the French publishers.

Funny and creative activities are constantly organised in order to hold your child’s interest over time and to make the learning of the language more intuitive and attractive. 

To add fluidity and dynamism during the French classes, we are also using Interactive Digital Boards (IDB). 

The classes are specially adapted through communicative and action-oriented approaches in order to allow your child to speak from the first classes.

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