Alliance Française in Armenia


The Alliance Française in Armenia was first created the 2nd of April 2003. The founders of this Alliance, who mostly came from the « Association Arménienne des Enseignants du Français » (AAEF), made out of teaching and promoting french the main vocation of this place.

Nowadays, the Alliance Française in Armenia hires 10 french teachers. They all have a french degree and receive a continuous training in the field of curricular innovation and French Language.

The concerns of the Alliance Française in Armenia are focused on 4 areas :

- Language training

French courses for all levels, attested by a diploma recognized in France

 - Continuous training for teachers

In collaboration with the Armenian Ministery of education


- Institutional relationships

The French Alliance provides lessons for public employees of Armenian’s Administrations. Since 2010, 75 public employees attended courses of french diplomacy every year.

- Promotion of the French culture

Trough an important choice of resources in the library and the weekly organisation of cultural events (cinema, children’s workshops, …) within the walls of the French Alliance. 

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