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Dear Students,

Many of you, like all of us, are eagerly awaiting for the start of the school year and to return to face-to-face classes.

However, due to management's decisions based on health and safety considerations, our course conditions have undergone some changes.

Notably, the number of participants in groups has halved. Thus, instead of the 12 people before the pandemic, now the number of participants in groups will not exceed 8. For the reasons mentioned above, the prices of our courses in face-to-face have undergone some modifications.

From September 2020, we offer 2 quotes for courses.

The rates that existed before the pandemic are currently valid for distance learning courses.

Click on the relevant picture below to see our prices for courses.

French courses prices at the Alliance française d'Arménie include different services in addition to the quality of the reception and teaching:

  •  Evaluation test at the end of session
  • Editing certificates 
  • Free unlimited access to the media library (resource materials, books, learning manuals, computers connected to the internet)
  • Personalized tutoring service
  • Privileged access to cultural events


We would like to inform you that all payments (for courses, exams, placement tests) should be made on our bank account (to ask by phone, but no need to stay in a line to make payments).




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