Screening: Rosalie Blum

start date: 31.05.18 time: 19:00

Screening: La vie de château

start date: 24.05.18 time: 19:00

Meeting with the photographer Rebecca Topakian

start date: 23.05.18 time: 18:00

start date: time:

start date: 01.09.17 time: 18:13

start date: 01.09.17 time: 13:03

start date: time:

start date: time:

weekly music workshops for children

start date: time:
Led by Natalia Parrado, musicologue diplomed from the Sorbonne University. (Read more)

Book Club

start date: time:
You enjoy reading in french and sharing your impressions about books, this book club is made for you ! (Read more)

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