Projection Film : 17 FILLES

Mercredi 17 août, 19h30 - 17 FILLES - Muriel Coulin - Delphine Coulin – France – 2011 – 87 minutes – Fiction - Comédie dramatique
Sous-titré en anglais.

Dans une petite ville au bord de l’océan, dix-sept adolescentes d’un même lycée prennent ensemble une décision inattendue et incompréhensible aux yeux des garçons et des adultes : elles décident de tomber enceintes en même temps. Ce film est inspiré d’un fait divers survenu en 2008.

 When Camille accidentally becomes pregnant, 16 of her friends and classmates decide to follow suit, which concerns their town and school.

Camille (Louise Grinberg), 16, finds out she is pregnant and, for a time, the story follows the usual contours of a teen pregnancy tale. Will she have the baby? Will she tell her parents? Will she tell the baby's father? Then something switches. Because Camille is a leader, pregnancy suddenly becomes cool at her high school, and soon more and more girls decide to become pregnant. Along the way, they develop elaborate plans on how to organize their future lives, banding together to pool their resources and take turns watching the kids, etc. The first feature by writer-directors Delphine Coulin and Muriel Coulin, the film captures a moment when irrationality and romantic self-delusion go viral - and the difficulty of containing such elements. There is no talking to a teenager who has figured it all out and whose friends agree.



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