Kawaa of the month

start date: 17.04.18 time: 19:00

Book club #19

start date: 14.04.18 time: 17:00

Movie Screening: En quête de sens

start date: 13.04.18 time: 19:00

Classic French Cinema: The Man from Rio

start date: 05.04.18 time: 19:00
As part of the Year of Francophonie in Armenia, AGBU Armenia, in partnership with Alliance Française d'ArménieAFG Film Club and INSTITUT FRANÇAIS, continue the Classic French Cinema series. (Read more)

APPEL A PARTICIPATION Concours de photos « Libres ensemble, le dire en images »

start date: 09.03.18 time: 00:00
Le concours est ouvert aux jeunes de 16 à 20 ans, issus de tous les Etats et gouvernements membres de l’OIF. (Read more)

Slam workshop with famous MC June

start date: 20.03.18 time: 15:00
On the occasion of the Francophonie season, the Alliance Française of Armenia decided to associate with the Canadian Embassy in order to organize an exceptional day. (Read more)

Screening of short-animated movies followed be a master-class

start date: 20.03.18 time: 16:30
Screening of Canadian short-animated movies and a masster-class by Mrs Laurie Gordon, the director of "Animaze" the Montreal International Animation Film Festival. (Read more)

Plume d'or 2018

start date: 21.03.18 time: 19:00
Ce concours de langue française est destiné aux étudiants d’Alliances française d’Arménie. (Read more)

Book club #18

start date: 17.03.18 time: 17:00

Kawaa of the month

start date: 14.03.18 time: 19:00

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