Classic French Cinema: French cancan

start date: 14.06.18 time: 19:00

Screening: La face cachée de la Lune

start date: 28.06.18 time: 19:00

Book club #21

start date: 23.06.18 time: 17:00

Screening: Ce qu'il faut pour vivre

start date: 21.06.18 time: 19:00

Kawaa of the month: June

start date: 12.06.18 time: 19:00

Screening: Bon cop, bad cop

start date: 07.06.18 time: 19:00
This month we decided to introduce you to another facet of Francophone cinema through three films that we have selected. These three works come from Quebec, a francophone region of Canada, and will address specific themes related to its territory and culture. Like that of Francophone identity in a predominantly French-speaking country, and of the relationship with indigenous peoples. (Read more)

Screening: Rosalie Blum

start date: 31.05.18 time: 19:00

Screening: La vie de château

start date: 24.05.18 time: 19:00

Meeting with the photographer Rebecca Topakian

start date: 23.05.18 time: 18:00

Book club #20

start date: 19.05.18 time: 17:00

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