Book presentation: Karnig Panian "Memory of an Armenian orphan"

On December 14 in his library the AF will organize the presentation of the book "Memory of an Armenian orphan". In his book author Karnig Panian tells about his childhood memories, his native village, his first steps in the Armenian school, the orchards of his grandfather but also deportations, the nightmare of the genocide of 1915 and then, which is the heart of the work, of the attempt of the Turkish administration and Jemal Pasha in person, to turquify the Armenian orphans by welcoming them to the college of Aïntoura, near Beirut.

The book was published in 1992 by the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia under the title "Housher Mangoutyan yev Vorpoutyan". In 2015, the book is published in English by Standford University Press under the title 'GoodBye Antoura' and in 2018, after the publication of the book in French in September, there was a publication in Turkish language by the publisher Aras Publishing under the title "Elveda Antura".

On Friday, 14th December at 6p.m. the translator of the book M. Chant Merjanian will introduce it to the Armenian public for the first time.

Thank you to register for the event on before 13th December.

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