start date: 17.06.19 time: 00:00

Cooking Workshop for children

start date: 03.05.19 time: 16:00

Debate "Is it important to be fashionable? "

start date: 06.05.19 time: 18:00

Book presentation "My grandmother from Armenia"

start date: 07.05.19 time: 18:30

COFFEE WITHOUT FILTER of the month "Franco-Armenian contest of the best joke"

start date: 10.05.19 time: 18:00

Screening « Celui qu’on attendait »

start date: 13.05.19 time: 17:00

Cooking workshop for children

start date: 17.05.19 time: 16:00

Debate "Ecology, is it my problem or that of others? "

start date: 22.04.19 time: 18:00

Presentation of the book "The skies of Raphael" by Mr. Henry Cuny

start date: 19.04.19 time: 18:00

Screening "Like Boys"

start date: 05.04.19 time: 17:00

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